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I am the creative behind this project. The moment I saw my Piaggio Ape, I knew exactly what it had to become. I've previously managed events and worked onboard cruise ships and travelled all around the world for 6 long years. Then I moved from Amsterdam to Zurich. I've been forever passionate about coffee, organising events and sustainability. I love being able to combine all three in one project, but I won't settle until I expand Crème into a franchisable model.

Irem Niffeler

I am the dream maker in this project. I've rebuilt our Piaggio Ape from the ground up. I've cut out gull wings, brushed off the old paint, painted it, worked on the interior, the electricity and anything technical. Of course, all with a little help from my friends. Now I am the operation and logistics guy. Although I have a full-time job that I love, I really enjoy connecting with our community and socialising even during Covid times.

Peter Niffeler

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